How do I read my water bill?
To better understand your bill, click here to open a pdf of a bill with explanations.

How do I read my water meter?
To better understand how to read your water meter, click here to open an image file.

How do I start water service?
Come to our office (see map) and fill out a Service Agreement. The connection fee for new system customers is $50. All new system customers owning the respective property for 3/4" and 1" metered service must pay a $75 deposit. All renters (with lease provided) must pay a $100 deposit. Customers who will receive sewer and sanitation service from the Town of Spindale will need to pay a $50 sewer deposit and $10 trash can fee. You must show a valid form of identification.

How do I transfer my service?
Come to our office (see map) and fill out a new Service Agreement. Be prepared to pay a $25 connection fee and to pay any unpaid fees on current service. A deposit may be required, depending on customer's payment history.

Can I pay without my bill?
Yes. Broad River Water Authority keeps all customer records.

Can I receive my bills by email?
Yes, our e-bill service is provided by SouthData. To register for e-bill, use the website address provided on the front of your bill which is along with a registration ID. To register, provide an email address and create a password. For the first time set up, you will receive an email from South Data that must be verified one time only. A link to your monthly statement will emailed to you each time we process our monthly bills. No secondary email will be sent, and no paper bill will be mailed if the email is unopened or the link is not accessed.

What if my payment is late?
If your payment for the current month is late, your water will not automatically be cut off.  A late fee of 9% or $6 minimum will be added to the amount.  Past Due balances over 30 days will be indicated on the monthly bill with a due date indicated.  NO SECOND NOTICE will be sent prior to disconnection.  If the past due balance is not paid by the date indicated, water service is subject to disconnection and a $40 non-payment fee will be charged.

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